Frequently Asked Home Healthcare Questions    

1.    What is the daily fee for 24 hour care? 

One person living in the home-$180 non-driver

One person living in the home -$195 driver

Two people living in the home - $225 non-driver

Two people living in the home - $250 driver

 Hospice Care - $200 per day

 2. What if I only want someone to come and go? 

 Hourly rates are $19.00 per hour with a 4 hour minimum.  

3. What is the placement fee? 


4. What does the $475 placement fee cover?

 The placement fee covers providing the family with a caregiver most suitable to the patient’s needs, coordinating the interview process, providing the family with written references, background checks and proof of current yearly training. 

 5.      What if Mom/Dad does not like the caregiver or vice-versa?

If this happens, Little Flower Healthcare will replace the caregiver at no additional charge to the family within 30 days.  This gives the family ample time to determine if the caregiver is a “good fit”. During the 30 day trial period, we will replace the caregiver at no additional charge. 

 6.       What about days off?    

A caregiver's request for time off is on an individual basis.  The family can secure a substitute from the Home Service Placement Agency of their choice.


 7.      How about a replacement for the caregiver’s day off?

The family can secure a substitute from the Home Service Agency of their choice if a family member is unable to provide care.

8. Do you have gentlemen who will live in? 



9. Is the family required to sign a contract for care?

The State of Illinois requires that all families and their caregivers sign a contract that outlines the duties the caregiver is allowed to perform and the role the client has as the caregiver’s employer. Our contract with the Department of Health as a Home Services Placement Agency has a 30 day grace period.  Little Flower does not require the family to employ the caregiver for a designated period of time nor to give a specific date of termination. The family can discontinue service at any time, although a weeks notice is appreciated. 


10. Does the caregiver get time off during the day?  

 In general, a caregiver who works 24 hours a day is entitled to 2 hours off duty per day. This break time can be split into 2-one hour breaks.  The caregiver may use this time to get exercise, go to the store, etc.  It is up to the individual family to determine a reasonable time for the caregiver to leave the patient. Many families opt to have the caregiver take a break when they come to visit with their loved one.  This provides the family time to have a private visit with their loved one as well.  Most caregivers carry their cell phones should an emergency arise. 


11. Housekeeping Duties

Housekeeping Duties include keeping the kitchen, bathroom and living areas tidy.  Caregivers can be expected to wash the floor, vacuum, and do the laundry.  What is not included and should not be expected are window washing, heavy cleaning, moving furniture, snow shoveling and yard work.   


12Caregiver Requirements

Little Flower caregivers should be provided with a separate bedroom with a twin bed.  In order to ensure patient safety, the caregiver should get 8 hrs. of sleep per night.  If the patient is up frequently at night or has sleep issues, it is expected that the family hire part-time additional night time help.  Little Flower will assist you with this process.



We understand that hiring in home care can be overwhelming and confusing. Little Flower Healthcare encourages you to investigate and compare several companies in order to make an informed decision. We are happy to offer direction and information without pressure

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