Little Flower Caregivers are well-suited to assist in the Palliative Care of your loved ones in the comfort of their home. 

Palliative Care is a speciality of medicine focused on improving the quality of life and comfort for people of all ages with serious, chronic, and life-threatening illnesses. Palliative Care can be introduced long before a patient reaches a terminal stage. Palliative Care begins as soon as a patient is diagnosed with a serious illness; at the same time they continue to pursue treatment for curable illnesses. 

Palliative Care treats people suffering from serious and chronic illnesses including cancer, heart diseases like Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), lunch diseases like COPD, kidney failure, Dementia, HIV/AIDS, brain diseases like severe stroke, Lou Gehrig's disease and Multiple Sclerosis. Palliative Care can be initiated in the hospital and can be continued even after discharge to home. 


Little Flower Caregivers works in conjunction with the Hospice Care company selected by the family. They will provide comfort measures and support to the family. The hospice company and the family are involved with the medical aspects of patient care. 

Hospice Care is designed to provide physical, spiritual, psycho/social and emotional support to patients and their families. Hospice is for those with a terminal illness who are no longer seeking treatment. The care addresses all symptoms with special emphasis on pain control and comfort. Hospice Care promotes quality of life with compassion and dignity, while recognizing each patient's and family's unique needs.